A deeper look into the F*CK FIAT NFT collection

I am from Perú where NFTs and Crypto are almost unheard of. With the pandemic hitting LATAM  quite hard, many of us lost our sources of income. Therefore, I began researching what was the smartest ways to invest the little I had saved up.

I started digging deep into Bitcoin and everything it stands for and invested most of my savings. I didn’t want my money in FIAT. FIAT Currency isn’t backed up by any value and can be printed by governments creating more money supply out of thin air. This causes huge inflation rates all over the world.

This is why I believe that the end of FIAT currency in the hands of a decentralized digital currency with a supply limit is inevitable. And we see the adoption spreading globally at a very fast pace.

I got kinda obsessed with this new concept (at least it was new to me) and saw myself spending most of my time understanding Bitcoin. I began following news and Bitcoin enthusiasts/supporters on Twitter which ended up making me a firm believer.

This also opened up the whole crypto world to me. All the projects from Ethereum to Dogecoin (and everything in between) captivated me. I was amazed to realize this whole new digital world that is still in diapers but is clearly what the future has in store for us.

One of the things that stood out the most for me were NFTs. Seeing this whole new platform open up to the world giving artists and creators a huge platform to showcase their work and express themselves is incredible.

This also created an amazing community where artists create bonds, come together to support each other and reinvest into the NFT space. Everyone is super psyched because it is a game-changer that opens up a whole world of possibilities. My jaw dropped when I saw what was happening with Beeple and Crypto Punks.

This made me want to create a project of my own and I wanted to create a collection that represented this digital transformation that I was so amused by. I saw that the concept of “Punk” Collectables was everywhere and I wanted to create something different that had a real statement behind it. This is how the F*CK FIAT Concept was born.

The F*CK FIAT Collection represents the fall of FIAT Currency in the hands of Bitcoin and all that this may imply. It is a major shift in history and could even have the potential to collapse the Nation States as we know them.

The the F*CK FIAT Collection has NFTs from the different FIAT Currencies from around the globe and incorporates the “LASER EYE” concept into each NFT. “LASER EYES” have been used by Bitcoin believers in their social media profiles as a sign of bitcoin surpassing $100K value.

The F*CK FIAT Collection incorporates laser eyes into each NFT as a sign of Bitcoin going to infinity and becoming the dominant worldwide currency.

The first release cartoonizes the highest value bill of each currency while incorporating the LASER EYES and has 2 NFTs per FIAT. The first is a 2D Cartoon version and the second is a 6 second video of the cartoon bill burning with a digital twist.

There are currently 316 Collectables available on Opensea ranging from 0.08ETH to 0.1ETH. So make sure you get one while they are still cheap. This is my way of making something that I believe has value in what it represents. By buying a F*CK FIAT Collectable you are buying into a part of history.

I want to create a F*CK FIAT Movement and use this collection to spread the adoption of Bitcoin and move forward to a more efficient source of value. 

Anyone interested in the Collection, the movement or just wanting to get in touch can contact me via twitter @fuckfiat1 (my DMs are open). Or send me an email to [email protected].

Check out the Collection here. Hope you enjoy it and F*CK FIAT!

Hope to be in touch and F*CK FIAT!

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