Digital Artist Interview with 360 wonders

The second in our series of digital artist interviews is with an artist who goes by the moniker 360 wonders. He makes some weird and trippy NFTs. This may be explained by his time spent in the Dance music festival scene.

We first became aware of his art on the blockchain inspired social media website Uhive, which we have covered in a previous article.

Being an ex-participant in the dance scene, I was impressed by his mix of music and trippy scenes. After some chat, I asked him if he was interested in promoting his work. We hope you enjoy the latest digital artist interview.

Biography of a digital artist

What is your background?

I was born in the Netherlands, studied Chemistry in Amsterdam, and have lived in Singapore, the USA, Ibiza, London, Brussels, Sicily and Barcelona.

Therefore, I am almost at the point where I have spent more time outside of the Netherlands than in!

I have been, and still am, naturally creative, I am completely self taught and I am continuously experimenting and expanding my techniques and interests.

Furthermore, I have accumulated various disciplines in the course of my life. And now I’m at the point where I can integrate nearly all of them into single pieces of digital art.

The videos I produce now are based on, and incorporate, all of my previous passions.

As a child I spent many hours building Lego and drawing.

Then, as I grew I moved on to computer programming, music composition, photography, graphic design ,and web design.

This laid on videography, metal sculpture, lens ball photography, music production.

And finally, to where I am at now, video production, 360˚  photography and 360VR and digital art.

What does art mean to you?

Art is a process, a state of mind, a way to find peace, enthusiasm, energy and satisfaction. It’s a passion and a drive, (all) the way from thought to concept to reality.

Creative flow and the sense of timelessness it brings is my meditation, my preferred state of being and a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember it.

Who/what are your most important artistic influences?

I’ve been deep into the electronic dance music scene and festivals. The freedom that music brings and the general mood of a subculture all tuned into the same mode of being is the closest I know to the freedom and timelessness of creative flow.

A couple of years ago I got into sound healing. I studied the chakra and solfeggio frequencies and integrated these into my music productions.

I hope, in general, all of this brings my art into a level of surrealism. Additionally, I love it when my edits are so natural and realistic that people can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s edited.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you to make it?

Audio visual art, surreal, trippy or hyperrealist digital collages or videos featuring my own music productions.

Every medium I encounter I try to take to the extreme, reach a state of perfection and complexity that take the medium, myself and my creations to a new level.

An easy example is my 360˚  photography, which combined with photoshop and this urge to create something not seen before, made me the inventor of the ‘Square Tiny Planet’ – I was the first to publish one online.

How do you define success as an artist?

On a personal level, success is the creation of any piece that makes me proud, when it is created in a moment of creative flowใ I know that it is timeless, and made to the best of my abilities.

On an interpersonal level it can be as small as a comment from a viewer saying (this is an actual quote I received on my Instagram), to actual sales showing appreciation on a physical and monetary level.

Once sold a piece really starts its life in the world and becomes larger than just my life.

first square planet NFT
How do you define success as a person?

I’m aiming to arrive at a point where my creative juices will fuel and sustain my life and be my livelihood.

Are you there yet?

Not quite yet but I’ve done some interesting projects and recent video productions that, together with my entry into NFTs last month, form some big steps in the right direction.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope my artistic skill and vision creating videos will empower my clients to reach their goals, visibility, and the success that they seek. I aim to become fully independent as an artist and provide for myself doing video productions and art sales.

What are you besides an artist? 

I’ve a Masters degree in Chemistry that I never used for any work or career purposes. But it taught me critical and analytical thinking and got me a deep appreciation for the complexity and elegance of life.

Add to that years of deep thought regarding that intangible thing called soul or mind. I am a philosopher enchanted by the magical connection between body and soul. Between molecules and mindset.

Also, I enjoy being a teacher and a coach, to explain techniques and concepts to make them easily comprehensible and accessible. This is something I use on a person to person level but also as a useful skill in my promo video productions. 

How do you make your living?

I’ve not held a ‘regular’ job since 2014 and have been making a living, on and off, creating videos and doing branding and online marketing.

My clients can expect a full package from graphic design to audio and video production.

For instance I’ve done a project for one medium large company where I designed the logo, set up and populated the website, recorded events, made pre- and after promotional videos and mixed and mastered soundtracks and music mixes, for two years.

From your own experience can you see more people coming into the digital art space?

Yes this is happening globally. As digital tools of creation become more and more ubiquitous and affordable, many more people now easily can produce magnificent pieces at a very high level.

Take photography: it used to be a profession that required skill and knowledge and offered people a way to see the world beyond.

Now it’s so easily accessible that anyone with a good phone can take and print amazing shots.

Something similar happened with music creation, video/film production and now digital art.

It’s a competitive space where new technology drives new art forms (eg AR and New Media interactive art), and where old tech (‘Look what I did with Photoshop…”) isn’t all that exciting anymore because it’s been done a million times.

What do you predict for the future of digital art?

To keep digital art exciting and not end up like said Photoshop example, generative art as well as a level of interactivity with the viewer offer fantastic possibilities to ensure a fresh experience.

Blockchain technology and generative art should turn out some interesting surprises this decade. I for one am super curious what other art will develop as new tech and software become available.

Crypto art in focus

In the second part of our digital artist interview we put the artist on the spot by asking the artist to choose 1 artwork.

NFT digital art
In this specific artwork, what skills and techniques did you use? Were any of them recent additions to your repertoire?

This piece is a mix of 360 photography and photography in Photoshop. The latter two I’ve been doing since decades. I started 360 photography in 2014, before 360 cameras, and really got into it when I got my 360 camera in 2017

What does this artwork mean to you? How are those ideas expressed in this artwork?

I love the surreal touch, the way the sky and the ground are inverted and how I, the person standing in the middle, stands tall. It gives the human touch to this stone world of rocks and concrete.

On a technical level I love how the merge of images worked so well. In addition I adore how the distinction between the individual parts is difficult to find. I’m proud to have created a new world.

How does it fit in (or not) with the rest of your artwork?

One thing that ties all my work together is the use of 360 footage, with its typical ‘Tiny Planet’ visuals. I have an ongoing thing for all things spherical, which started with lens ball photography and continued in my physical sculptures and 360.

When people view this artwork, what do you want them to experience and think about?

I want my artworks to invoke a sense of wonder and create this moment of ‘Wow! How did he do that?’

And if it goes well the viewer will turn their phone or tablet 90 or 180 degrees and realize there’s many other points of view.

Ultimately, I’d love for anyone to get curious enough to want to see my videos. Video adds such a beautiful new layer to my art.

The ability to make an image move, and even move to the music, is something I love doing much more than photography and Photoshop. It really allows me to set a mood and capture peoples imagination for more than a fleeting moment.

Marketing and selling your NFT art

What types of goods and services do you have for sale?

I produce music videos and promo videos, do graphic design and sell my artworks as NFT.

Is there pricing information you can offer here, to give potential buyers an idea of the “order of magnitude” of your pricing? 

A typical music video of 3 minutes costs around $600, and a short promo video of 30-60 seconds $50-$200. My NFTs are anywhere from $100 to $700

How do you offer your work for sale?

Video production mostly though my website and Instagram

NFTs are currently on and will soon also be on

What is the best way/place for people to contact you?

I prefer DMs on Instagram, or email [email protected]  

Visit my website for more info on

Where can people find you on social media?

Main accounts:

@360Wonders Instagram

360wonders Facebook

@360Wonders_NFT : Twitter

@360Woders Uhive

@joris.hoftijzer Instagram (for physical art)

@360videoproducer Instagram (video portfolio)

Conclusion to digital artist interview

We at Minedhash would like to thank Joris, 360wonders for taking the time out to do this digital artist interview. We wish to show case the myriad of different artworks out there and 360Wonders fits the bill with his visual audio mix.

Way not head over to MIntable to check out his work.

One final note, we hope to extend our interviews over the coming months. This is due to the feedback we received from our community regarding the first digital artist interview with Burst_.

So, if you are an artist and believe your digital art deserves a showcase, please contact us via the WP contact form or email us at [email protected]

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