Lyle Owerko X Stargate NFT on Nifty Gateway May 12

Lyle Owerko is about to set the NFT digital art space afire with his latest NFT drop. The drop which is on Nifty Gateway, will occur May 12th.

The explosion of interest in the NFT space earlier this year, seemed to have come crashing in like a tsunami that comes without warning. This was a surprise to almost everyone.

But to Lyle Owerko, it was the perfect wave he spotted coming from miles away.

How so? Because he was one of the founding artists who created the ripple effect in the first place.

Who is Lyle Owerko

Lyle is a contemporary artist/photographer who has been in the Fine Arts space for well over 20 years. His capturing’s of the horrific events that happened on 9/11 made the cover of TIME Magazine.

Lyle Owerko's icon 9/11 photograph

His photograph is considered one of the most important magazine covers in the last 40 years. This is according to The American Society of Magazine Editors.

His ability to capture the historical overview of an era is also highlighted in his 2010 series, The Boombox Project.

Lyle Owerko captures an era of discovery and deafening innovation that played an intrinsic part of the early, hip-hop, punk, garage rock and new wave movements.

The monumental size of the presented photographic works reinforces the significance of the Boombox as an icon of popular culture. 

It has been and continues to be his mission to turn up the volume on how we connect through art and how to elevate the fine art space.

So, when he was approached personally by Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss to be one of the first artists to do an exclusive drop with Nifty Gateway in March 2020, Owerko knew this was the wave of the future.

Since then, we all know how the story has gone with the Crypto/NFT market, and Lyle Owerko has dropped 3 series with Nifty Gateway since.

Digital art by Lyle Owerko

4th NFT drop for The Boombox Series

Collaboration and innovation is the key, and that’s what the 4th NFT drop for The Boombox Series is about. One of the leading teams in the music production space is STARGATE.

Stargate are responsible for massive pop hits with Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Wiz Khalifa and Katy Perry. Additionally

This collaboration between Lyle Owerko and Stargate will be debuting a first of its kind “Augmented Reality” Boombox NFT.

It will kick off a new direction for Owerko in the NFT arena, in where he hopes the innovative ways to keep expanding the digital art world will only keep getting more monumental, stunning and other worldly.

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