NEXT Protocol’s Technological Advancement: The year 2021

NEXT Protocol is an upcoming and unique platform that is providing the creators, designers, and engineers to create and deploy their own robots, games, artworks and earn tokens from the marketplace. It is now expanding in various geographies with more advanced functionalities for ease of use.

Technology has changed so much in recent times that no one would have thought that something would be possible in the future. Technology has just updated so much that now it’s difficult to remain without them. A new research report added to the vast repository of Market Research Hub (MRH) reveals that the global service robotics market size would reach $23.90 Billion by 2022. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.18% between 2016 and 2022. Robots are redefining how we do business and help make everyday tasks a whole lot easier. The innovative technology is also being used in the medical and healthcare sector, education, research, and facilities management.

NEXT Protocol combines a decentralized community of users and developers. Together, the network reboots the consumer robotics industry, redefining how we imagine robots to be used.

NEXTProtocol to build, create and collaborate next-generation robot and its associated application to real-life problem-solving use cases like Covid scenarios, Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs. Each phase of the development of NEXT Protocol is well planned and implemented with their technical experts. In the initial phase of 2021, their aim was to connect with third-party hardware and developing visitor management software that attracts the user’s attention in this covid scenario. Getting partnerships with manufacturers and providing business is the initial goal of NEXT protocol.

Technology flies and this robotic solution also should come under our fingertips. This will be established by the second phase of NEXT Protocol. That is developing a mobile app for Robot control. Everything under the sun is now at our fingertip, Next protocol is providing us a chance to control a robot. Getting a partnership with Robo consortium will definitely take a good start for Docu Robot and Carry robot in the Middle East and the US.

As the next step of development integrating IoT devices to NEXT Protocol will be a great solution and adding CSR activities will make Next protocol a success also in the Far East. As a continuation to this next protocol will integrate this IoT into a mobile app and which focusing on IAQ robot.  Here is the point where NEXT protocol will get the partnership with resellers. This will spread to the subcontinents of India.

The next step of NEXT Protocol will be Integrating home automation, and the business functionality of this step will be a Medic Robot. That is a robot that helps in the medical field with the concept of NEXT Protocol. This will help in getting partnerships with edge computing and problem-solving all over Asia, Middle East, and the US. Around the end of 2021 fully functioning NEXTiBot app will introduce. There will be a chance to implement our NEXTiBot solutions into universities, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the US. Each phase of this development is going through deep research and development. Each phase will be completely monitored and assessed by experts.

Mr. Shaik Hamdan, one of the pioneers of IT Industry in the Middle East and the CEO of NEXT IT and System mentioned, “With NEXT Protocol we have developed an Ecosystem for the creators, designers, and robotics engineers for easy publications of their robots. Now we are expanding to various geographics with multiple functionalities. We are preparing for all the latest technologies which can be inculcated in our NEXTiBots, which will be easily accessible and managed by the users. With the help of blockchain technology, we are able to explore better solutions for addressing fractional robot ownership, NFT, and Robo Gaming.”

NEXT Protocol allows easy publication of Robot Services using NEXTiBOTs in any OEM Robots. It allows companies to build Decentralized Robotic applications that can run with their own tokens.

About NEXT IT and Systems

NEXT IT and Systems is a worldwide robotics firm providing robotics solutions through its platforms. NEXT IT and Systems robotics solution allows enterprises to execute and manage various activities which need many precautionary measures. It has multiple clients across the Middle East and Europe. With a team of highly experienced professionals in the Robotics and AI Industry, NEXT IT and Systems has developed a niche of its own. Presently with the amalgamation of Blockchain with Robotics and AI, it has considered one of the front-runners in this industry.

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