KardiaChain Launches KAIDEX, a Decentralized Cross-Chain Token Trading Platform

KaiDex first-of-its-kind exchange leverages features of CEX and DEX for a best-of-both-worlds experience

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — KardiaChain, the first decentralized, interoperable, and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure platform, has announced the launch of KAIDEX V2, a decentralized cross-chain KRC-20 token trading platform that utilizes the best aspects of DEX and CEX for an unparalleled user experience.

With decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and DeFi becoming more popular than ever, hybrid solutions are in high demand. KAIDEX is unique in that it provides a decentralized exchange market with the fast settlement speed, high liquidity, and transparent audit features of a centralized exchange (CEX). Users retain full control of their privacy, own their assets, and reduce the risk of security breaches.

“KardiaChain’s team is working hard to build a user-centric platform. We provide users with the ultimate experience and aim for mass adoption with our unique products. The launch of KAIDEX is the next step towards that goal. KAIDEX has the power to connect all blockchains together, expanding our ecosystem by listing quality tokens,” said KardiaChain CEO, Huy Nguyen.

Built using Dual Node technology, KAIDEX V1 had a soft launch earlier this year. Now with V2 here the exchange offers a full suite of powerful trading tools, including stop-loss and market orders (limit orders coming soon), low slippage, fast transfer speed, and lightning fast 5-second settlement times. KAIDEX is capable of handling 6,000 transactions per second (compared to 15 on Ethereum), with a gas fee 10,000-20,000 times cheaper than Ethereum.

KaiDex V2

THE KAIDEX V2 includes a range of improvements that provide simpler, more direct cross-chain trading while maintaining network stability and security for all users. Users can now easily swap tokens to ones available on KAIDEX without the need for specific, pre-defined pairs, with support for all EVM-compatible blockchains. Network proposals and integration with a new network takes just 30 minutes of voting and configurations.

To provide IT with a healthy trading environment, the team updates their smart contracts and conducts quarterly reviews with strict regulation regarding liquidity, trading volume, act of fraudulent checking. V2 security protocols are improved to reduce losses from front-running bots that execute “sandwich attacks” or “flash loan attacks” in lending and borrowing DeFi protocols where whales can manipulate token prices. Rug-pull projects are stopped before they can start by requiring at least $50,000 in liquidity for listing on KAIDEX, and locking up KAIDEX LP token (KLP) for 6 months, releasing it monthly over next 5 months.

KAIDEX is available now at kaidex.io and already integrated on the KardiaChain Wallet app (iOS and Android)

About KardiaChain

KardiaChain is a blockchain infrastructure that helps connect various blockchains. They invent non-invasive, cross-chain technology to create hybrid blockchain solutions, working with major service providers to blockchainize conventional business models. They aim to solve the problem of fragmentation in existing blockchain ecosystems, creating a unified platform that combines all participants’ strengths to pave the way for global blockchain mass-adoption.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KardiaChain

Telegram: https://t.me/kardiachain

Email: [email protected]

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