2 Rare Monkey Kingdom NFTs to be Auctioned at Sotheby’s

Last year, this Hongkong based NFT project took the Asian NFT market by storm. However, things look to be set for new heights with the March 7th announcement that 2 of the rarest Monkey Kingdom NFTs are to be sold at auction by Sotheby’s.

Monkey Kingdom is a set of 2222 NFTs based on mythical Chinese superhero, The Monkey King (and what a story it is).

The 2 rare Monkeys will be auctioned off during Sotheby’s first ever contemporary art online auction. The auction is to take place between the 8th and 15th March. Contemporary artists such as David Hirst and Michael Kagan are also showcased.

The 2 Monkey Kingdom NFTs are:

  • The Rare Gen 1 Male ‘Wukong’ that sports a “Guapi Mao”, a type of Chinese hat that has great significance in Chinese culture, a common feature of Qing dynasty attire.
  • Extremely Rare Gen 2 Female Diamond Baepes based on the legendary figure of “Mulan”, a one-of-one Diamond Baepes with attributes that are not shared with other types.

Sotheby’s inclusion of these Monkey Kingdom NFTs, with their contemporary art value crossed with traditional Chinese culture is sure to pique the interest of a range of art collectors. These include NFT collectors, and traditional collectors.

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