Celebrity Chef Christian Petroni Launches NFT Pizza Party on Crypto.com/NFT

Petroni is working alongside food app ‘8it’ and creative director David Schwen for the inaugural secret pizza party drop on March 14th, on Crypto.com/NFT. 

New York-Italian chef maestro Christian Petroni will launch his new ‘edible NFT’ concept on March 14th. The NFT drop will grant holders entry to Petroni’s members-only Pizza Party pop-up, starting in New York on March 20th. 

 Upon arrival you will be greeted with the warm smile of Petroni himself serving his signature garlic butter Sicilian pie. In addition to this perk, you will get some of his rare ‘swag’ and of course, you will mingle and dine with the pizza pie community.  

 In summary, purchasing this NFT, you can immortalize your experience with a piece of digital art, meet Petroni and his community, taste his legendary pizza and wear some of his branded gear. Nice!

 “I love where the fucking world is going,” Petroni told Crypto.com. “With these new avenues of digital currency and artwork [that’s] protected on the blockchain.” 

 “In this situation, the artists are getting paid, the chefs are getting paid — [as are the] cooks that are helping me with our NFT pizza party; they’re all getting paid because [collectors] purchase NFTs and open doors for us to do more events like this.”

“It will allow me to hire more creative people and keep doing this.”

 Once you’re a member of the Petroni’s NFT community, you will be able to vote for where the next secret pizza party takes place on 8it’s ‘Edible NFT’ Discord channel. 

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