Gianpiero D’Alessandro’s Inbetweeners NFT Gets Justin Bieber’s NFT Approval

Gianpiero D’Alessandro, an illustrator, graphic designer and artist, is the brainchild behind the inbetweeners NFTs together with his long time childhood friend Pasquale “Pavi” V. D’Avino, who serves as CEO for inbetweeners NFT.  

Their project is about spreading positivity, not only in real life but also in the metaverse.  This will be done through a collection of 10,777 Gianpiero NFT bears which live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each of the 10,777 bears is a randomised combination of over 175 Gianpiero hand drawn attributes of varying (inbetweeners NFT) rarity.  The inbetweeners NFT collection aims to ‘uplift and encourage their community to be wholesome and healthy’ with a simple mission: “make the world a more loving place”.  

Spreading love and positivity is at the forefront of the inbetweeners NFT project and Gianpiero has always had a long life admiration for teddy bears and the security they represented for him as a child.  This stemmed back to when his grandmother gave him a blue teddy bear and told him that the bear would ‘love him’ and that it was his new friend.  The 30 year old Italian artist remembers the moment fondly.

The Justin Bieber Effect

Despite his admiration for teddy bears, Gianpiero surely didn’t imagine this love for bears to be what bonded him with Justin Bieber?

Well after Bieber spotted a cartoon drawing of himself with his wife, Hailey, and dog, Oscar having been posted on Instagram back in March 2019, Gianpiero had a DM.  Justin Bieber had written “Hey, can you send me your number? … wanna talk about doing some stuff with ya.”  

And from here the relationship grew, read on

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