Guide to Flipping NFTs

Hello and welcome to flipping NFTs in 2022, where you can make more in one day, than most make in a month. This is the day and age we live in and its fairly easy (but risky).

I have been flipping things all my life, so I am having the time of my life this year flipping different NFTs. If you are not a flipper, then I would def tread the waters carefully. You can learn, but it takes time. I don’t know how to explain it, but when you’ve been flipping for years, you learn different sales tactics.

Some are easy to explain and some just come naturally / can’t really explain it. The simplest one I can think of is posting something for 0.999eth rather than 1 eth. 0.999 looks cheaper. Even though it’s basically the same price.

Your listing for 0.999, is going to come before and sell usually before all the 1eth listings. Same thing goes for selling things on ebay, listing it for $99.99 is better than posting for $100.

It’s all a sales tactic that deals with human behavior. There are tons of other things that you learn in years of flipping that comes naturally. This makes it much easier. I will try my best to explain when it comes to NFT flipping though.

I’ll walk you through step by step how I personally look for flips. If you are new learn the basics of NFTs. Then, please proceed with caution and start small (0.2eth or less projects).


Step 1- Confirming a bull / good market to buy in:

Always make sure you are in a bull market / a market that is up trending. There are many different sites you can use to check the volume of NFTs. Usually you want to just check Opensea sales/volume, but getting the NFT markets volume as a whole works too, I use or or .

Using multiple different sites and looking at charts to find the tops of bottoms is key. As you can see in the image below, right now it looks as if the market has bottomed out. You want to wait for a big volume bar for the next day, maybe even wait for two for confirmation. You never want to buy the top and you never want to guess a top or bottom, because it can keep going or it can keep dipping, wait for a confirmation.

NFT sales volume

Aug 15th-21st would have been the perfect buying opportunity. You can see a peak / resistance towards the end of August. If you look at the 2nd week of September, it hit a key support and held (perfect buying opportunity). Then you can see the uptrend again, all the way to the end of September/Early October when the market hit its peak.

About October 3rd it hit an all-time high and has been regressing ever since. It’s gone so low we’re actually close to what the volume was in July before we even went on this massive NFT craze that we’ve been on the last few months. A couple of bigger people in the space have called today (10/23) the bottom and have been buying up a lot of things. Me personally, I’ll wait for more of a confirmation before I ape back in. This is all a perfect example of what you’re first looking for.

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