How Rarity Tools Determines NFT Value

Are you interested in the value of NFT collectibles? Rarity Tools will help you determine NFT rarity and thus, help you make smarter decisions when investing in NFT projects…

Introducing Rarity Tools

The NFT marketplace is brimming with choice and if you’re looking to invest, you should understand the importance of rarity. Whether you’re a collector or an investor in the NFT game, or perhaps both, Rarity Tools can help you determine the rarity score. Thus, you can learn the value of your digital art in the NFT space.

First, let us introduce Rarity Tools – a simple, easy way to find the ranking of your NFTs in terms of their Rarity. Indeed, Rarity Tools is a website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity. We need this information if we are considering an NFTs true value.

Rare NFTs command high value. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, if you can secure a rare NFT, and that NFT project is onto a winner, then you might see your art explode in value on the secondary market. Hooray! Therefore, it pays to understand what makes an NFT rare, and Rarity Tools is designed for that purpose.

What is NFT rarity?

In any given NFT collection, certain characteristics and traits are rarer than others. For example, in a collection of 10,000 unique ape NFTs by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), all NFTs are unique. However, they are not all uniquely rare. Their characteristics have differing levels of rarity. Thus, their true value is different!

Besides, there are various properties or traits to consider when we’re looking at the rarity of an NFT. For instance, in a collection of 10,000 BAYC NFTs, you will consider things like background, fur, eyes, earring, and mouth. The rarity of each trait will contribute towards the NFTs’ final rarity score. That’s where Rarity Tools comes in – they will combine rarity scores of all of the individual traits and calculate one, overall rarity score. The calculation made on Rarity Tools is as follows:

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