How To Get Into The Metaverse

We are fast approaching an era of virtual reality – welcome to the metaverse.

Right now, millions are already spending most of their days in the metaverse, living their lives through a virtual avatar. According to Mark Zuckerberg, who recently re-branded Facebook to Meta, we will all live in a virtual world in 5-10 years. Bonkers, right?

We’re approaching an era where VR headsets will be in every home and we will express ourselves through our own, customized avatars! So – what is the metaverse?

This word has quickly become one of the hottest topics on the planet. Facebook and Microsoft, amongst countless other tech companies, have committed to the metaverse and big brands are scrambling to find their place in the virtual world.

The metaverse consists of an immersive virtual reality, where you can live inside a virtual world – much like you live in the physical world. In the metaverse, you can own virtual land, socialize, thrive, make real money, go shopping, enjoy live events – it’s completely immersive.

Virtual worlds are becoming increasingly realistic and a true metaverse experience will not just engage our mind and body, but our senses. What is more, a metaverse allows you to accumulate digital assets, which can be monetized. This ability to earn a living in the metaverse will only grow more sophisticated as the tech advances. We’ll soon be working 9-5 jobs in the metaverse, just as we do in real life – plans are already underway for this to happen!

We have all this to look forward to soon, but for now, let’s see what metaverse experiences you can have at this moment in time. What virtual worlds exist now and why are so many people investing time in them? Are digital worlds more appealing than the real world? Is it time to join the metaverse?

Let’s see what our three best options are at present…

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