Michael Jordan Slam Dunks ‘6 Rings’ Solana NFT drop

An application launched on Solana by Michael Jordan and his son has sold out of their first NFT collection entitled ‘6 Rings

Michael and Jeffrey Jordan launched Heir inc., on Solana in December, marking their arrival on Web3. 

The 6 Rings NFT collection sold out in 24 hours and trade volume has now surpassed $1.1million USD.

The NFTs, commemorating Jordan’s 6 NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, are now selling on the secondary marketplace “Magic Eden” for quadruple the original value. 

Heir is a community-driven app dedicated to connecting athletes with their loyal fans via “huddles”.

Owners of the ‘founding fan’ NFTs, a batch of 5005 in total, will have the opportunity to enter exclusive huddles and gain unprecedented access to their heroes. 

The athletes in the ‘launch class’ have not yet been announced, although we know they will range from rising stars of the NCAA to ‘tier one’ NBA professionals. 

Huddle communities will have a limited, capped number of seats. Once the cap is reached, the only way to get a seat will be to buy one from an existing huddle member. 

With the potential for seats to rise in value, this empowers fans to become owners.

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