Mike Rubinelli: We Think Differently, We Act Differently

Blockchain games are still in their infancy. Unbalanced economies, caused by players ‘mining’ games for assets, still permeate the space, but that’s about to change. Games like Blockchain Brawlers are seeking to revolutionize the space and put gameplay before profit, player before developer. 

Mike Rubinelli is no stranger to the needs of the player and he’s no stranger to developing games either.

The Head of WAX Games Studios has been ‘in the game’ for longer than most and his record speaks for itself. Gaming is second nature to him, a language he truly understands – from programming to developing and of course, playing. 

Mike’s experiences developing countless classics for Disney, Midway and EA Sports, as well as being CEO of Esports Mogul, puts him in a realm of his own. He understands how to create an immersive experience for the player and he also sees the enormous potential of play-to-earn (P2E) and NFTs.

“It’s no longer money going into the developers’ hands as a zero-sum game,” he said. “It’s money going from one player to another player and that’s really, really powerful.”

“For every kid whose mom has said “stop playing those video games because you can’t make any money from it!”. That’s all changing now with the player participation economy.”

Players can make a meaningful income playing games now, but that’s not enough for Mike. He is driven to develop games, which touch the lives of players and their human needs – their emotional chords. 

That’s where Blockchain Brawlers could shine. We’re yet to see the game launch, but their ‘Founders Edition’ NFTs have struck a major chord with the community. 

It’s no surprise that the early NFT auctions were a resounding success for WAX. Mike knows his community inside out and interacts with them on unprecedented levels. Mike once wrote his personal email address inside the Madden NFL ’95 manual and spent months responding to thousands of passionate football fans. 

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