OpenSea will soon support Solana NFTs

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace by volume, may support Solana NFTs sooner than expected, here’s more on this development.

The OpenSea Marketplace

It’s no news to anyone that in the world of NFT marketplaces, no company or platform comes close to OpenSea. As of early 2022, OpenSea is head and shoulders above the competition – and some may consider the marketplace to have no real competition due to the difference in volume between its competitors.

OpenSea’s growth has been magnificent, and what this platform has been able to achieve within 24 months is nothing short of extraordinary. As OpenSea grows, it adds more options, functionalities, and features, but as we enter April 2022, one thing is still missing from OpenSea.

The ability to support Solana NFTs has been one of OpenSea’s Achilles heels. Furthermore, other smaller marketplaces have made a name for themselves by offering services that OpenSea fails to provide.

The days of OpenSea failing to offer support for Solana NFTs may soon be over. In fact, this is a move that has been expected for a while, and it’s hard to justify why it is taking OpenSea this long to support Solana NFTs.

OpenSea x Solana

On Tuesday, March 29, OpenSea confirmed via a tweet on its official Twitter page that Solana NFTs are on their way to the digital collectibles marketplace. In a tongue-in-cheek tweet, @opensea shared a “wen Solana?” video with the caption “The best-kept secret in Web3.”

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