SoftBank set to Enter NFT Space

Z Holdings Corp, a unit of SoftBank Group, is set to make a big splash in the NFT space by leveraging on its service to motivate adoption as part of its global growth strategy

SoftBank: Time for a shakeup in the NFT Space

SoftBank is one of the largest and most prosperous companies in Asia, and this Japanese powerhouse does not know how to operate minute operations. Whenever they enter a new space, they make a big splash by pouring massive investments.

In 2021, SoftBank facilitated the merger of Yahoo Japan and Line Corp, a popular messaging app, to create a social media and e-commerce juggernaut with the ability to carve out its niche in a competitive space. The new company formed is Z Holdings, and it’ll be an understatement to say that this company has many mind-blowing plans in the pipeline.

Before the end of the year, Z Holdings plans to launch an NFT marketplace that’ll operate in over 180 countries; they are also spending a fortune to double the number of users on PayPay, its fintech arm. SoftBank’s expansion into the NFT space is well-timed as many Japanese companies are making their entrance into the space.

In February, Rakuten Group launched its NFT marketplace, focusing on anime and music content. SoftBank, through its subsidiary, is finally making its entrance into the eccentric NFT space, and this news brings a lot of excitement with it.

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