UFC boss touts NFTs as a revenue driver

Dana White, UFC’s President, recently shared that the company considers NFTs as a critical revenue driver and fan engagement platform during a press conference

UFC: Committed to the Web3 Space

UFC is one sports league that hasn’t held back in its adoption of Web3 technology, and the UFC was one of the first major sports leagues to partner on NFTs. With impressive collections released up till now, they can boast of one of the most impressive NFT collections of any sports league globally.

One factor that makes UFC NFT projects even more impressive is that the projects are athlete-friendly. The UFC has committed to giving the majority of proceeds from its NFT projects to associated fighters, putting more money in the pockets of athletes risking their health daily.

As you may recall, the UFC partnered with Dapper Labs in January 2022 to release the company’s NFT project – UFC Strike. UFC Strike grants their fans the opportunity to buy packs of virtual moments that occurred during fights, similar to how fans of the NBA can purchase highlights through the NBA Top Shot platform.

Over the last few months in the NFT space, the UFC upper management has noticed the growth in revenue and the untapped potentials regarding UFC NFTs and Web3, and UFC’s President recently made some exciting statements about the future of NFTs in the UFC. From the look of things, NFT projects and collections from the UFC have only just begun.


During a virtual chat with Dana White on Monday, 21 March 2022, he was ecstatic about the immediate impact NFTs have had on the martial arts league, and among other things, White shared the following during the virtual chat.

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