WAX NFT Sales Outpace Binance Smart Chain again

The WAX blockchain once again outpaces Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the NFT sales category, and this piece will go over what this means for the NFT space.

Worldwide Asset eXchange Blockchain

Worldwide Asset eXchange, popularly known as WAX blockchain, is unlike most others; it is an eco-friendly blockchain for NFTs, video games, and digital collectibles. The environmental impact of NFTs and digital assets has stopped a considerable amount of people from entering the space.

A visit to the WAX website will show you how much this company prides its contributions to carbon neutrality. As a purpose-built NFT blockchain, WAX provides brands with all they need to launch an NFT collection successfully, and it doesn’t matter if your service is for games, exchanges, digital marketplace, or anything in between; WAX promises to have a solution for you.

WAX has become one of the most used and enjoyed blockchains for NFTs, and when we look at the revenue and profit figures, it’s hard to deny that WAX is head and shoulders above most others in the blockchain NFT space.

According to WAX, no NFT is more important than our planet, and in more ways than one, WAX’s most significant selling point is its commitment to carbon neutrality. The company can achieve low carbon emissions because it runs on a proof of stake system that doesn’t need supercomputers to draw unimaginable amounts of energy to complete transactions. According to reports, WAX has outclassed Binance Smart Chain once again.


February 2022 was a fantastic month for WAX NFTs, and in this month, this platform saw NFT volume reach $23.82 million. On the other hand, Binance Smart Chain NFTs recorded $1.14 million in trading volume.

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