What are Disney NFTs? Where can I buy a Disney NFT?

The Walt Disney Company, also known as Disney, has a universal magnetism, which is translating well to the world of digital collectibles. Thus far, every Disney NFT collection dropped has sold out within minutes.

With their NFT cards being dropped at a price of just $60, it’s easy to see why they’re selling like gold dust. These cards are valuable digital assets which, based on the worldwide resonance of Disney, are guaranteed to appreciate in value.

Recent rumors suggest that there is some history-making news in the pipeline, involving a major Disney acquisition in the NFT space. They’ve enjoyed an illustrious history in entertainment and commanded unfathomable commercial success. Now they’re looking to dominate the digital and NFT categories.

While our imagination takes flight and we consider the incredible possibilities, let’s delve into Disney’s NFT journey so far.

Golden Moments on VeVe App

It’s hardly surprising that the Walt Disney legacy has entered the realm of digital collectibles. Owners of some of the most iconic, memorable characters in the history of animation, Disney recognizes the potential of the digital realm and blockchain technology.

As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) exploded last year, Disney was quick to act and formed a partnership with VeVe to release NFTs on the mobile digital collectibles app.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that the potential for Disney in the NFT space was “extraordinary” and it’s clear that Disney is thinking the same.

Disney’s Golden Moments NFT collection dropped in November 2021, featuring golden statues of iconic characters from some of the biggest movies on the Disney roster, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar.

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