BIG3 Basketball League Offers Team Ownership via NFTs

BIG3 Basketball League is a 3-on-3 league featuring some of the most exciting amateur, professional and semi-professional players; this league is ready to offer team ownership through NFTs

Ice Cube’s BIG3

You might be familiar with the name Ice Cube; he is one of the most recognizable Hip Hop legends. Since his debut decades ago, he has gone on to have a significant impact on the worlds of entertainment, business, and more.

Ice Cube has a way with words, and his ease on the microphone helped him make a magnificent impact in the movie industry. If you follow Ice Cube and most stars from the 80s and 90s, you’d know that he and his peers are more than entertainers.

Ice Cube has taken the business world by storm, and if we tried to go over all his business interests, it might take you an hour to thoroughly read this piece. That being said, one of Ice Cube’s latest and most exciting endeavors is the BIG3 Basketball league, a league that was created to serve people that want to witness a fresh spin on basketball competitions.

Some of the features that make the BIG3 basketball league stand out from the competition include the fact that each team fields three players instead of five in the regular format. Additionally, the league allows four-point shots and features teams that aren’t tied to cities or states.

Exciting Times for the BIG3 League

Ice Cube co-founded the BIG3 basketball league in 2017, and over the last five years, the league has carved out a niche for itself and gained a sizable and respectable fan base thanks to expert marketing strategies.

The BIG Basketball League has 12 teams, and now it is ready to reevaluate the way teams are owned. On April 4, the league announced that it would offer ownership stakes in all its teams via NFT collectibles, and this move will help it fractionalize ownership on-chain.

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