Logan Paul NFT Project Draws Criticism from Community

YouTuber Logan Paul has been subjected to heavy criticism following his recent NFT project launch. Past failures seem to have damaged the creator’s credibility.

Dubious/Failed Projects: The Community’s Anger Explained

YouTube content creator, Logan Paul, announced on April 12 that he’s launching a new NFT passion project,” “99 Originals.” Unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with wide-scale disapproval and criticism from several segments of the crypto community. Needless to say, many investors weren’t amused with the idea of another “Logan Paul project.”

The stream of negative responses to the launch announcement was expected based on the failure of the famous NFT CryptoZoo. The CryptoZoo project was launched in August 2021, and it involved egg NFTs which the owners will hatch into hybrid animals.

At its inception, there were high expectations for the CryptoZoo NFT project following the hype surrounding its launch at the time. The project was billed as “an autonomous ecosystem where players can collect, breed, and trade animal hybrids.” Unfortunately, the project failed, leaving many investors with significant losses. 

The CryptoZoo failure brought a lot of criticism for Logan as he had been under strict scrutiny before the launch of the new project. He had earlier been involved in promoting a failed “shit coin” Dink Doink. The ‘anthropomorphic phallically-inspired cartoon spring’ shitcoin crashed soon after being launched and never came back up. So, Paul didn’t have a solid reputation in the crypto community to begin with.

The Current Situation: What Are Investors Saying?

Community stakeholders are demanding Logan Paul be brought to account for creating and promoting several dubious projects. Internet detective Coffeezilla originally called the bluff on the CryptoZoo project, and he revealed that the so-called original artworks of hybrid animals were poor edits of stock images from Photoshop’s image library. Paraphrasing his words, he said, “The NFTs looked like the results of letting a five-year-old practice with Photoshop.” 

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