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We at MinedHash pride ourselves in the research that goes into each of our published articles.

The MinedHash team believe that we are still at the beginning of the blockchain revolution.

MinedHash intends to play its part by publishing interesting and informative articles related to blockchain technology.

We are a one-stop platform with a team of researchers, journalists, gamers, and of course blockchain enthusiasts.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and want to help the world learn about the power of cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them.

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And the best thing is it’s not only free but can make you money!

MinedHash has a large assortment of articles on ways to earn passive income in the crypto sphere. Moreover, we have articles on affiliate opportunities, brave browser, to up and coming dapps.

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There are also other categories related to all things blockchain. These include; Non-fungible tokens ; Bitcoin casinos; Dapps; Bitcoin Debit cards and our favourite project Brave Browser from Basic Attention Token.

Finally, for those of you who chill out in front of a computer we have reviews on all the best gaming equipment, from high end, to value for money gadgets.

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