Enjin blockchain gaming platform

enjin review

The gaming sector has evolved from humble beginnings into a $128 billion a year industry. In recent years massive multiplayer online games (MMOs)  where players can customize their characters with game skins and purchase in-game items, have surged in popularity. With the game item market predicted to reach $50 billion by 2022, a major concern … Read more

Blockchain and VR becoming a reality

VR helmet

Blockchain and Virtual Reality technologies are relatively new. When first looked at together it is difficult to envision how the two emerging technologies can be coupled. Blockchain is a way of storing information so that it is almost impossible to change, steal or hack. Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to allow participants … Read more

Best cheap mechanical gaming keyboards

best mechanical keyboards

In the fast-paced and competitive world on online gaming, having the right keyboard can make or break your gaming experience. The mechanical keyboard has emerged as the preferred choice of most gamer’s around the world due to its tactile feedback, incredible durability, and sheer speed. What are mechanical keyboards? Mechanical keyboards are similar in design … Read more

League of Kingdoms land sale


More excitement in the blockchain NFT gaming space as League of Kingdoms (LoK) token is live with discounted prices promised in crystals and Land plots. The MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms allows players to own the coordinates of land plots. Players can then build on and create their very own kingdom and empire with … Read more

Review | AKRacing Master Series Pro


Bottom Line The AKRacing Master Series Pro is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy! The gorgeous racing style design is generously topped with an extremely comfortable and durable cold cured foam padding. The padding does a fantastic job supporting the whole body, even after long hours of gaming. This is a true … Read more

GTRacing bluetooth gaming chair


  Bottom Line The GTRacing Gaming Chair has everything you could need and want in a gaming chair, at a very reasonable price. You get premium build quality, an array of customization features, a comfortable ergonomic design, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Basically, you get everything you need from a gaming chair. And when it comes … Read more

Atari teams up with Arkane Network


Gaming legend Atari moved one step closer to launching its new cryptocurrency, atari token. This is after it announced that the gaming classic was joining forces with Arkane Network to help with the creation and launch. The partnership will see Atari and Arkane Network work together on the token. Furthermore, it allows full use of … Read more

Review | Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair

Minedhash Vertagear SL4000 Review

Why Buy a Vertagear Chair? The SL4000 offers flexibility and comfort at a very competitive price. The distinct bucket-style back support literally hugs you from behind and the chair has been designed to be comfortable for all body types. And as with all Vertagear products, the SL4000 has been produced to the highest standards and … Read more