Call of Duty to get crypto assets


Call of Duty creators Activision announced yesterday that their latest first-person shooter game: COD – Warzone Battle Royale is getting an in-game crypto asset. This comes after its main competitor Fortnite launched its crypto Fortnite V-Bucks, with incredible success for Epic Games. There was some mystery shrouding this launch of the franchise. As in previous … Read more

Greentube buys into CashBet

cash bet

NOVOMATIC-owned iGaming giant Greentube, has acquired the majority of crypto gambling platform CashBet. Included in this is its cryptocurrency CashBet Coin (CBC). As part of the deal, Greentube also plans to integrate CashBet’s blockchain technology into its games. The acquisition comes on the back of their partnership last year. This saw Greentube agree to include … Read more

Blockchain for skins and virtual assets

gaming skin

Skins and Virtual Assets are big business, but today’s video games are closed ecosystems, which limits the possibilities within the gaming community. The biggest game of 2019, Fortnite grows 4% a year.  Most of its revenue comes from limited edition skins and virtual items for their characters. Skins are mostly nonessential assets and give a … Read more

Gamers invest in virtual real estate

blockchain real estate

This week alone, gamers, virtual reality enthusiasts, and the cryptocurrency community have invested nearly a million dollars worth of real-world currencies into virtual real estate generated and maintained by blockchains. The three largest blockchain-generated virtual world games, The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels, all saw the total trading volume of their digital tokens surge above $940,000 … Read more