Digital Element NFT creator Harvard scientist

Digital Elements rare Earth

In our latest NFT interview we showcase the creator of a set of Scientific themed NFTs, Digital Elements. The Digital Elements collection is climbing the rankings on OpenSea and is very, very interesting. The collection and the concept behind it, was created by a Harvard scientist and is based on the elements within the Periodic … Read more

Lyle Owerko X Stargate NFT on Nifty Gateway May 12

Lyle Owerko artist

Lyle Owerko is about to set the NFT digital art space afire with his latest NFT drop. The drop which is on Nifty Gateway, will occur May 12th. The explosion of interest in the NFT space earlier this year, seemed to have come crashing in like a tsunami that comes without warning. This was a … Read more

Alchemix Finance unlock your future yield

alchemix finance

Alchemix Finance is a one-of-a-kind DeFi protocol that enables the creation of DAI stablecoin pegged synthetic tokens representing future yield. In other words, the protocol assigns deposited DAI stablecoins to the Yearn Finance liquidity aggregator to start earning yield. However, instead of seeing your returns grow over time, you can receive an advance on these … Read more

Earn crypto with Aioz Tube and Aioz network nodes

Aioz blockchain streaming service

Aioz Tube is a new streaming service or Content Delivery Network (CDN) created by the Aioz Network, that allows you to earn crypto. They state that they intend ‘a revolution ’in the streaming entertainment industry by using blockchain tech. They can do this because ‘AIOZ uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content … Read more

Digitalax – the digital fashion marketplace

Digitalax review

Digitalax is an innovative new platform that aims to capitalize on the emerging digital fashion marketplace. Thanks to recent advances in blockchain, VR, gaming, and 3D technologies, the digital media scene is booming right now. Furthermore, the combination of digital media and NFTs is having a profound impact on the digital world. NFTs are perfect … Read more