Ripple announces improved NFT functionalities

Ripple NFTs

Ripple recently shared details of its new release, which is set to support advanced Ripple NFT functionalities, here’s more on this development Ripple XRP Ledger 1.9.0 Ripple recently announced the debut of its XRP Ledger version 1.9.0, and this new release is relevant for a plethora of reasons we’ll go into throughout this piece. For … Read more

Good news for the NFT Ecosystem

NFT space maturing

As NFT sales expand beyond Ethereum, we can see the first signs of the NFT space maturing because of the growth of alternative NFT blockchains. This will help the adoption and long term survival of this ecosystem Ethereum: Imperfect by design? The primary reasons people despise the Ethereum blockchain for NFT transactions include the followings; … Read more

Gaining Loyalty via NFTs

NFT loyalty rewards

Over the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of brands utilizing NFTs as a gateway for loyalty and rewards programs; will this stand the test of time? NFTs: Improving Value Delivery In this day and age, companies are interested in giving customers the best value for their money and time. A … Read more

Lamborghini V12 will come with an NFT

Lamborghini NFT

Lamborghini is ready to ship its last V12 car with a one-of-one NFT, and this is massive news for the automotive industry Lamborghini: Tractors and beyond Few luxury car brands are more iconic than the Lamborghini brand, and it’s inspirational to see how far a tractor-making company has come to become one of the most scintillating and … Read more

Starbucks set to enter the NFT ecosystem

NFTs from Starbucks

Few coffee brands are more famous than the Starbucks brand, and from the look of things, this coffee powerhouse is set to debut in the NFT space Starbucks: More than coffee If you Google Starbucks, the results will probably tell you how it is an American multi-national coffee house chain, but to many, Starbucks is … Read more