Gianpiero D’Alessandro’s Inbetweeners NFT Gets Justin Bieber’s NFT Approval

teddy bear nft project Inbetweeners

Gianpiero D’Alessandro, an illustrator, graphic designer and artist, is the brainchild behind the inbetweeners NFTs together with his long time childhood friend Pasquale “Pavi” V. D’Avino, who serves as CEO for inbetweeners NFT.   Their project is about spreading positivity, not only in real life but also in the metaverse.  This will be done through a … Read more

John Terry’s NFT Project Tanks

John Terry's NFT project

Premier League legend John Terry is one of the most successful players to grace the league, he recently released an NFT project, but since its release, it has lost most of its value Ape Kids Football Club On 2 February 2022, John Terry and his team released their highly anticipated NFT project to considerable fanfare. … Read more

Celebrity Chef Christian Petroni Launches NFT Pizza Party on

Petroni is working alongside food app ‘8it’ and creative director David Schwen for the inaugural secret pizza party drop on March 14th, on  New York-Italian chef maestro Christian Petroni will launch his new ‘edible NFT’ concept on March 14th. The NFT drop will grant holders entry to Petroni’s members-only Pizza Party pop-up, starting in … Read more

Wladimir Klitschko to Release NFT Collection for Charity

Wladimir Klitschko NFT Collection

The Klitschko brothers are among the most famous and recognizable Ukrainians, and Wladimir releases NFT collection to help support relief efforts during the Ukraine war Global Support for Ukraine through NFTs Over the last two weeks, the #Ukrainewar or #Russianinvasion has been the top news topic worldwide, and it doesn’t matter what your sentiments are … Read more

Grammy Awards Unveils NFT Collection

Grammy's NFT collection

The Recording Academy Grammy Awards is one of the most prestigious and highly sought after awards in history, and now the team behind the awards is entering the NFT space. Grammy Awards: The Gold Standard for Music Few awards are more recognizable and revered than the Grammy Awards; for decades, it has been the pinnacle … Read more

Behance to Support Solana NFTs

Adobe’s Behance is set to begin supporting Solana NFTs from March 2022, and this integration promises to redefine how Behance creators interact with NFTs. Adobe Behance: The Creator’s Hub Behance is a creative showcase platform under Adobe, and it has been the go-to platform for creatives worldwide for a considerable amount of time. It has … Read more

Axie Infinity digital trading card game and Universe

Axie infinity blockchain game review

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon inspired blockchain game, in which you breed and collect fiery little creatures known as Axies. Axies are little ‘pets’, who love nothing more, than to explore the far reaches of their Universe, fighting in mortal combat, campaigning in far flung galaxies, searching for treasures, and breeding new little Axies. Oh … Read more

NFTfi review: NFT collateralized loans

NFT fi review

NFT collateralized loans are tipped to be the next big thing in the world of decentralized finance. First of all, the NFT space is booming right now with record sales being reported across a number of platforms. However, a major concern of any NFT investor is the illiquidity of the market. In other words, selling … Read more