Review of Webtalk social media

Minedhash Webtalk Review

Before joining Webtalk social media platform and referral program, we did a bit of nosing and realized many Webtalk reviews were outdated. Therein, we decided to do a Webtalk review, that is a little more relevant to 2020. Whilst researching the review we concluded, that now is a great time to sign up to Webtalk. … Read more

Review the Webtalk affiliate program

webtalk affiliate program

To gain a slice of the trillion-dollar social media marketplace, the Webtalk affiliate program is going all out. The innovative social media platform is giving away a whopping 50% of all revenue to speed up user acquisition and gain widespread adoption. Social CPX Social CPX is Webtalks immensely lucrative affiliate program that comes with fantastic … Read more

Review 3Commas automated crypto trading

automated crypto trading

This 3Commas review looks at one of the most popular and successful automated crypto trading bots on the market. When it comes to trading emotions have a profound impact on our decision making. Fear, greed, hope, anxiety, boredom, and frustration are controlling emotions that more often than not influence losing trades. Therefore, successful traders are … Read more

Blockchain real estate tokenization

blockchain tokenization

Blockchain real estate tokenization is another use of blockchain technology that is swiftly changing how an industry works. Customarily, to enter the real estate market you need to commit a large amount of capital over a long period.   Then, when you wish to cash in your investment you are confronted with a long drawn … Read more

Is Uphold MasterCard the future?

Uphold mastercard

The recently launched, Uphold debit MasterCard, is the first of a kind. It is the World’s first Debit card, that allows you to spend crypto currencies, fiat currencies, gold, platinum, and other precious metals. That alone is enough to turn heads. But what really sells it, is that it is part of the MasterCard network … Read more

Top 5 Bitcoin Poker Sites To Win Big

poker sites that accept bitcoin

Bitcoin poker is taking the poker world by storm. Furthermore, poker sites that accept Bitcoin as payments are witnessing a surge in traffic of late. So what’s the fuss all about? Advantages of Bitcoin Poker First of all, playing poker with Bitcoin offers a number of distint advantages over tradition banking methods. Privacy Bitcoin transactions … Read more

RocketGame Casino DApp Review

Rocketgame Casino Review

This RocketGame Casino dApp review looks at a new and exciting iGaming platform that utilizes Tron’s blockchain technology. This enables secure gaming, with instant deposits and unrivaled transparency thanks to provably fair games. RocketGame is not like your traditional online casino. The platform has a unique feel to it and comes packed with fun and … Read more

Blockchain and the Art World A Gift from The Gods

crypto art

Blockchain and the art world are becoming increasingly intertwined. And this marriage has the potential to revolutionize the art world, as in other industries, in a variety of ways. Blockchain use is skyrocketing in 3 prominent branches of the art world. First, is in the fight against art crime, especially fraud. Next , it is … Read more