Top 6 Bitcoin Debit Cards of 2020

top bitcoin debit cards

To achieve wide-scale adoption Bitcoin must resemble the banking system it aims to disrupt. With this in mind, Bitcoin debit cards look set to play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies. At this moment in time, not many businesses accept payment in Bitcoin while most accept debit card … Read more

Study shows Brave best for privacy


Brave Browser is ‘by far the most private of browsers’ for web browser privacy, among a group of 6 browsers; Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Yandex browser (used by Russian speakers). This is according to a study by, Douglas J Leith, and published by Trinity College Dublin, in February … Read more

Winz Casino promotions and bonuses

Winz promotions and bonuses

Bottom Line Winz is a next-generation Bitcoin casino aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The casino provides a huge selection of the latest brand name Bitcoin slots, live casino, and live table games. The Winz platform is extremely easy to use, and best of all, comes packed with the best bitcoin gambling promotions and bonuses around, specifically … Read more

Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs

blockchain marketing

In the world of affiliated marketing, few sectors offer the same earning opportunities as the booming blockchain industry. Analysts expect the sector to grow to over $35 billion dollars by 2025. Blockchain technology is very much in its infancy and yet to receive wide-scale adoption. Thus, choosing the right affiliate program to participate in could … Read more

NFTs a new world of art

Art gallery

Crypto Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are opening up a new world of Fine Art to people normally outside the rich and pampered. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are beginning to disrupt nearly all areas of human interaction and expression. From entertainment to financial services, they have made their way to glory and fame. However, another interesting domain, though … Read more

Earn With Brave Browser Affiliate Program


What makes Brave browser affiliate program so good, is that unlike other referral schemes that require participants to part with money. Brave Browser is completely free to download and use. Thus you will be far more likely to earn from referrals. Since it’s launch, Brave Browser has quickly swelled to over 15 million active users. … Read more

Cloudbet Review | Best Bitcoin Betting Site


Bottom Line Cloudbet could just be the best Bitcoin betting site around. The platform offers its users an impressive array of live sport betting markets. And on top of that is a built-in casino for slot and poker enthusiasts. The platform is user friendly. Users can benefit from instant Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. … Read more