ArtSmiley, an Innovative art marketplace for art lovers, collectors, and corporates, launching its Unique NFT art marketplace for Phygital works!!

Homegrown online art marketplace ArtSmiley plans to integrate their traditional art marketplace with NFT art marketplace with the option to buy physical, digital artworks or both (phygital), in one place with NFTs, this is a unique and creative solution Artsmiley offering to its community, which see a great benefit for both artists, collectors & corporates. … Read more

Drops, DeFi infrastructure for NFTs, partners with Oraichain’s aiRight

Drops Financial NFTs

Drops, a project building DeFi infrastructure for NFTs, has partnered with Oraichain’s aiRight for NFT-focused artificial intelligence (AI) oracles.  Oraichain will deploy aiRight’s AI Oracle solutions for authenticity certification and verified origin to the Drops ecosystem. This is in order to improve reliability and security for DeFi x NFT applications. aiRight is Oraichain’s all-in-one innovation … Read more

Viberate Testing Out “New Music Economy” With Music NFTs


The concept of blockchain-backed contracts could transform how artists manage their bookings – but is the industry ready? Following their historic live gig NFT drop in April, the blockchain-based music research and analytics platform Viberate (whose native token VIB is listed on Binance, Bittrex, OKEx, and Uniswap) has just published an open call to all musicians who might be … Read more

A deeper look into the F*CK FIAT NFT collection

I am from Perú where NFTs and Crypto are almost unheard of. With the pandemic hitting LATAM  quite hard, many of us lost our sources of income. Therefore, I began researching what was the smartest ways to invest the little I had saved up. I started digging deep into Bitcoin and everything it stands for … Read more

Digital Element NFT creator Harvard scientist

Digital Elements rare Earth

In our latest NFT interview we showcase the creator of a set of Scientific themed NFTs, Digital Elements. The Digital Elements collection is climbing the rankings on OpenSea and is very, very interesting. The collection and the concept behind it, was created by a Harvard scientist and is based on the elements within the Periodic … Read more

Lyle Owerko X Stargate NFT on Nifty Gateway May 12

Lyle Owerko artist

Lyle Owerko is about to set the NFT digital art space afire with his latest NFT drop. The drop which is on Nifty Gateway, will occur May 12th. The explosion of interest in the NFT space earlier this year, seemed to have come crashing in like a tsunami that comes without warning. This was a … Read more