Bitcoin mining Isn’t daunting

Bitcoin mining can seem like a highly complex system to get your head around at times. There are many factors to take in when getting into the industry, and many people are put off by the complexity of it. Some of the terminologies is new to most people, and of course the profitability of mining … Read more

Antminer S19s delayed before halving


Bitmain, the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of ASICs miners, has sold out its first round of the new and long-awaited S19s Antminer within a day of opening up domestic sales. With production and exporting coming to a halt due to coronavirus, Bitmain is now back at work, but the backlog and desire for the … Read more

Will Bitmain’s self-implosion help rivals


With corona-virus affecting the manufacturing and distribution of Bitcoin mining hardware, you might think the market share for Chinese mining manufacturers had waned. However, China is still the dominant player in Bitcoin mining hardware and with its two main manufacturers Bitmain and MicroBT launching even more powerful mining hardware this year, China looks set for … Read more

NiceHash crypto mining marketplace


Cryptocurrency mining is a very technical but potentially very lucrative endeavor. If you know what you’re doing, it’s fine, but if you’re new to mining Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you need learn fast. For the noob or novice miner, however, there might just be an answer. NiceHash is a cryptocurrency mining marketplace that simplifies the game. … Read more

PwC criticizes Bitcoin miners


Bitcoin mining uses an unnecessary amount of electricity, and 98% of Bitcoin miners never win the Bitcoin block reward, so says a report compiled by PwC’s ‘Blockchain Specialist’. According to the report published in the British newspaper The Telegraph, a Bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of electricity as a typical British household does in … Read more

GPUs essential for computing

GPUs are versatile pieces of computing equipment. They’re necessary for gamers, professional videographers, and of course mining cryptocurrencies. But is mining bad for GPUs? Will mining kill a GPU card? Mining Cryptocurrencies with GPUs Mining Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take some serious knowledge and usually require regular technical updates. Gone are the days when you could … Read more

5 Profitable Altcoins To Mine in 2020

Are there any profitable altcoins to mine? Although mining cryptocurrencies isn’t as profitable as it was in the earlier years, there is still the chance of making a profit, and with some less technical mining solutions, it can be a great way to earn a passive income, even for the beginner. Many people say Bitcoin … Read more

Chinese influence on the Bitcoin network


.China is the main centre for Bitcoin mining, but how much influence does the country really have on the Bitcoin network? According to Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, ‘There are 4 miners in China that represent 60%+ of mining capacity’ for Bitcoin. A slight oversight there, because it’s not 4 miners, it’s 4 distributed mining pools. … Read more

Bitcoin miners prepare for halving

miners preparing

With block rewards decreasing due to the Bitcoin halving and the Bitcoin network and hashrate growing, it’s an important time for Bitcoin miners and mining pools. As competition for the Bitcoin block reward grows it gets more difficult to win it. Therefore, it’s important that miners get ready and upgrade their systems in preparation for … Read more