Bitcoin miners prepare for halving

miners preparing

With block rewards decreasing due to the Bitcoin halving and the Bitcoin network and hashrate growing, it’s an important time for Bitcoin miners and mining pools. As competition for the Bitcoin block reward grows it gets more difficult to win it. Therefore, it’s important that miners get ready and upgrade their systems in preparation for … Read more

Is USB mining the future of mining Bitcoin?

USB mining

USB Mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be expensive and confusing at first. In fact, many question the profitability of Bitcoin mining. Is there another way of mining Bitcoin? USB mining lowers the barrier to entry for solo miners and makes it relatively easy to do. But can it compete for Bitcoin hash rate … Read more


petro casino

Venezuela is set to open the world’s first state-run cryptocurrency casino and as a world first it will accept only cryptocurrency. President Nicolás Maduro has overturned a gambling ban put in place by President Hugo Chavez in 211 to facilitate the launch of the state-run casino. The casino will be in the capital city Caracas … Read more

How to prevent cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is a type of cybercrime that has been around for a few years. It involves exploiting user’s bandwidth and processing power to mine cryptocurrencies without their knowledge. The process is taxing on users’ devices, router, and servers. As a direct result victims experience overheating, the slowdown of devices, and higher electricity costs. There are … Read more

Decentraland VR like never before

virtual land

The concept of virtual reality is fast catching on with the masses. Virtual Reality has started its journey from the gaming world and is now slowly spreading its wings to a host of allied segments. Now taking this idea of virtual reality to an all-new level, Decentraland provides you with an opportunity to perform a … Read more

Bitcoin in Layman’s Terms


Bitcoin can seem a little daunting if you attempt to understand it. So we will explain bitcoin in layman’s terms.  For the average person, trying to make sense of the Bitcoin whitepaper isn’t easy, and isn’t even necessary. Some say it’s just as difficult, and at times worrying, to use as to understand, but for … Read more

China’s Stance on Bitcoin Mining

China (like other countries) and Bitcoin have had what can only be described as a tempestuous relationship. Well, the Chinese government is the erratic one, because Bitcoin doesn’t do emotions. China is the main region of the world for mining, and no doubt brings in a lot of revenue. However, the Chinese government has always … Read more

Cryptocurrencies to replace SWIFT?

crypto replace swift

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are set to disrupt much of the financial system and decentralize the SWIFT system. Banks and remittance companies are in for a severe shakeup and are already beginning to feel the change. It is even possible that a cryptocurrency will eventually replace the Swift system. In preparation, the legacy financial system is … Read more

ProgPow algorithm upgrade looking likely

A top-level meeting with Ethereum core developers last week ended with a full agreement for the Ethereum blockchain to upgrade to the ProgPow algorithm. Followed ultimately by a move away from professional and centralized mining. Discussions among the ETH dev community about a possible migration onto ProgPow have been ongoing for a couple of years. … Read more