Earn with Brave affiliate program


Brave Software, combined an innovative browser with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Upping their game further by launching an up to Million Dollar referral program to reward online publishers and YouTube creators. Brave will contribute promotional Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to creators who get their fans to switch to the Brave browser. Brave is a faster, more … Read more

Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs

blockchain marketing

In the world of affiliated marketing, few sectors offer the same earning opportunities as the booming blockchain industry. Analysts expect the sector to grow to over $35 billion dollars by 2025. Blockchain technology is very much in its infancy and yet to receive wide-scale adoption. Thus, choosing the right affiliate program to participate in could … Read more

Earn With Brave Browser Affiliate Program


What makes Brave browser affiliate programĀ  so good, is that unlike other referral schemes that require participants to part with money. Brave Browser is completely free to download and use. Thus you will be far more likely to earn from referrals. Since it’s launch, Brave Browser has quickly swelled to over 15 million active users. … Read more