Cardano Releases Shelley Testing

Cardano ADA

Cardano finally rolled out the public testing phase for its Shelley upgrade yesterday as the transition from the Byron era to the Shelley era ramped up. IOHK, the company behind Cardano, claim the upgrade is the first step in transforming Cardano into a fully decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) network. The upgrade will introduce a reward system … Read more

Russia invests in mineable ATMs

bitcoin atm

In a surprising move, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, has announced its spending more than $10m on almost 5,000 blockchain-enabled ATMs that have the ability to mine cryptocurrencies. Russia’s Main Bank Is Buying 5,000 Mineable Blockchain ATMs Russia’s largest bank has decided that it sees a future in mining crypto and has invested a huge amount … Read more

The biggest threat To Bitcoin

The answer, a 51% attack. Bitcoin is a decentralized network that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a government or bank. Bitcoin is being touted by some as the future of money. It could well be a future global reserve, and some believe the Bitcoin standard is inevitable, but what if something was to … Read more

Tokensoft distributes equity

Digital Securities platform Tokensoft has used the Ethereum blockchain to distribute $4m in equity to investors. The seed round, which featured Base10,, and Coinbase Ventures started back in July 2018 and each investor has now received a digital representation of their investments. Tokensoft Distributes Equity Using Ethereum Blockchain Tokensoft, a digital securities platform for … Read more

Buy with FastBitcoins


2020 is quickly becoming the year of Bitcoin, or should that be the year of Satoshi? Most people can’t afford a full Bitcoin, so getting off zero requires buying sats, or ‘stacking sats’ as we say in the Bitcoin space. Stacking sats is the term used for someone buying small but frequent amounts of satoshis, … Read more

Earn a passive income with Bitcoin


Before starting, I want to emphasize that earning passive income with Bitcoin goes against the Bitcoin philosophy, and the very reason it was created in the first place. Not Your Keys Not Your Bitcoin? There’s a belief among part of the Bitcoin community that if you don’t have your Bitcoin in your custody, then they … Read more

What gives Bitcoin value?

Cryptocurrency mining

We all have an opinion on Bitcoin, but what gives Bitcoin value? I’ve heard Bitcoin called many things in my few years in the space: ‘Magic Internet Money’, ‘Drug Dealers Money’ and even ‘F@ck You Money’. I like the last one, and I agree with it, too. But what is it that gives this magic … Read more

Is Ethereum A Good Investment?

technical analysis

Is Ethereum a good investment right now? Since launching in July 2015, Ethereum has become the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is the most built on blockchain with the widest eco-system. Coined as a world computer, a decentralized operating system, the web 3.0, it was the main driver behind the altcoin rally in … Read more

Reddit Introduces Crypto Tokens


In a move that will introduce hundreds of millions of people to the cryptocurrency space, the ‘homepage of the Internet,’ Reddit announced it was making its first foray into the cryptocurrency space. The social media giant confirmed it would be introducing its users to crypto by launching two new tokens on Ethereum for two of … Read more

How To Mine Ethereum


Ethereum is in the middle of a mining conundrum. Right now it’s a proof-of-work (PoW) crypto. However, the main developers are creating a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol, so it can transition to a staking system. But, that transition will take a long time and Ethereum will be a mineable cryptocurrency for at least a few more … Read more