Yearn Finance Yield Aggregator Review

Yearn Finance Yield Aggregator

Yearn Finance is a next-generation yield aggregator protocol that is sending shockwaves through the DeFi space. The protocol first appeared on 17th July 2020, and rapidly set about becoming one of the most established and talked about DeFi projects. Within two months of launching, the total value locked in Yearn Finance smart contracts exceeded a … Read more

The Somnium Space virtual world

Somnium space virtual world

Somnium space is a truly immersive blockchain-powered virtual world full of endless possibilities. The overall goal of the project is to create a decentralized virtual environment controlled by its users. Furthermore, the platform comes with its own virtual economy, meaning users can purchase land, built upon it, and monetize in-game experiences. The Rise of Virtual … Read more

Blockchain DNS uncensoring the internet

decentralized internet

With global internet censorship and surveillance on the rise, a new censorship-resistant internet powered by blockchain DNS is starting to take shape. What is DNS? First of all, to understand the advantages blockchain DNS offers we must first look at how the Domain Name System (DNS) works. DNS can be thought of as the phonebook … Read more

UHive Social Network of the Future

Uhive social media network

The UHive social network seeks to create a whole new social media experience. The innovative platform combines human psychology, blockchain technology, and AI to create a platform that is unique and enjoyable. In addition, it is also the first social media platform to incorporate virtual reality and physical dimensions. All user profiles and walls exist … Read more

Blockchain real estate tokenization

blockchain tokenization

Blockchain real estate tokenization is another use of blockchain technology that is swiftly changing how an industry works. Customarily, to enter the real estate market you need to commit a large amount of capital over a long period.   Then, when you wish to cash in your investment you are confronted with a long drawn … Read more

Blockchain and the Art World A Gift from The Gods

crypto art

Blockchain and the art world are becoming increasingly intertwined. And this marriage has the potential to revolutionize the art world, as in other industries, in a variety of ways. Blockchain use is skyrocketing in 3 prominent branches of the art world. First, is in the fight against art crime, especially fraud. Next , it is … Read more

Best Blockchain Affiliate Programs

blockchain marketing

In the world of affiliated marketing, few sectors offer the same earning opportunities as the booming blockchain industry. Analysts expect the sector to grow to over $35 billion dollars by 2025. Blockchain technology is very much in its infancy and yet to receive wide-scale adoption. Thus, choosing the right affiliate program to participate in could … Read more

NFTs a new world of art

Art gallery

Crypto Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are opening up a new world of Fine Art to people normally outside the rich and pampered. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are beginning to disrupt nearly all areas of human interaction and expression. From entertainment to financial services, they have made their way to glory and fame. However, another interesting domain, though … Read more

Enjin blockchain gaming platform

enjin review

The gaming sector has evolved from humble beginnings into a $128 billion a year industry. In recent years massive multiplayer online games (MMOs)  where players can customize their characters with game skins and purchase in-game items, have surged in popularity. With the game item market predicted to reach $50 billion by 2022, a major concern … Read more