Who Created Ethereum?


Ethereum is being touted as the world computer. The platform for the web 3.0 and is shaping up to be the foundation of decentralized finance (DeFi). It is already the most built on blockchain with the biggest developer community, but who created Ethereum? The beginning of Ethereum? While working on several Bitcoin projects and frustrated … Read more

Tokensoft distributes equity

Digital Securities platform Tokensoft has used the Ethereum blockchain to distribute $4m in equity to investors. The seed round, which featured Base10, e.ventures, and Coinbase Ventures started back in July 2018 and each investor has now received a digital representation of their investments. Tokensoft Distributes Equity Using Ethereum Blockchain Tokensoft, a digital securities platform for … Read more

Decentralizied domains with Unstoppable

decentralized domains

Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, and while they do go hand-in-hand, it must be noted that blockchain has many other uses too, like decentralized domains. Decentralized domains are domains built on a decentralized architecture, and the beauty is that it has the security of the blockchain they’re built on. Is There a Need … Read more

The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets in 2020

bitcoin hardware wallet

Securing your Bitcoin is the most important thing you can do after you purchase some BTC. As soon as you buy it, it’s imperative you secure it as securely as possible. Unlike other assets, Bitcoin is a self-custody asset And although that might scare some traditional investors off, it is one of the most important … Read more

Blockchain to transform finance

Blockchain and the world wide web will transform finance. Similar, to the 1990s, when the Internet and the World Wide Web completely changed the way we exchanged information. It made the flow of communication almost instantaneous and brought knowledge to our fingertips, and for the first few years the mainstream took no notice and businesses didn’t … Read more

Call of Duty to get crypto assets


Call of Duty creators Activision announced yesterday that their latest first-person shooter game: COD – Warzone Battle Royale is getting an in-game crypto asset. This comes after its main competitor Fortnite launched its crypto Fortnite V-Bucks, with incredible success for Epic Games. There was some mystery shrouding this launch of the franchise. As in previous … Read more

Blockchain for skins and virtual assets

gaming skin

Skins and Virtual Assets are big business, but today’s video games are closed ecosystems, which limits the possibilities within the gaming community. The biggest game of 2019, Fortnite grows 4% a year.  Most of its revenue comes from limited edition skins and virtual items for their characters. Skins are mostly nonessential assets and give a … Read more