5 leading crypto tax platforms

taxes on crypto

When it comes to taxes on crypto, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as property. Therefore, the general tax principles that apply to property transactions such as stocks and shares, also apply to taxes on crypto. And as a result, the IRS holds all crypto investors and traders responsible for reporting … Read more

Bitcoin mining fundamentals bullish


Bitcoin’s price might be in a sideways consolidation phase, but Bitcoin mining fundamentals Bullish As Hashrate Hits ATH. The Bitcoin hashrate has just hit another all-time high, less than 8 weeks after the mining “capitulation” caused by the Bitcoin Halving. And the seven-day moving average of the Bitcoin hashrate has also just hit another all … Read more

Core Scientific invests in mining


US mining firm Core Scientific has signed a deal with Chinese Bitcoin Mining Hardware specialist Bitmain to purchase 17,600 mining rigs. It’s believed that deal is the biggest acquisition of S19 Bitcoin miners by a single Bitcoin mining company. The deal will see Bitmain’s latest mining rigs: the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro range shipped … Read more

Monero mining malware in South America


A major mining botnet issue discovered on the Monero (XMR) mining protocol with over 35,00 computer systems infected across Latin America. The botnet, known as Victory Gate, dates back to May 2019. It comes in three different variants, and was originally discovered by cybersecurity firm ESET. Since then, all three forms of malware have been … Read more

How To Mine Ethereum


Ethereum is in the middle of a mining conundrum. Right now it’s a proof-of-work (PoW) crypto. However, the main developers are creating a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol, so it can transition to a staking system. But, that transition will take a long time and Ethereum will be a mineable cryptocurrency for at least a few more … Read more