Is Cloud Mining Profitable?

So can cloud mining be profitable in 2020? Mining cryptocurrencies can be technical, especially setting up and maintaining your own mining rig. But there is an option, where the cost of buying the latest mining equipment and all the technical and hard work is handed over to someone else. The cost of laying out for … Read more

CryptoEase daily crypto lowdown

CryptoEase daily crypto lowdown is an English language cryptocurrency and blockchain media and education platform. The aim is to distribute only meaningful news and education from the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Launched in March 2019 by co-founders Mickey Diorio and Tommy Limpitlaw, CryptoEase has a growing foothold in the crypto media space, and is gradually building respected … Read more

Make money from Bitcoin mining

how to make money

Mining Bitcoin is hard work, and expensive to get going. It takes dedication and knowledge, and although it is rewarding, and profitable, depending on the price of Bitcoin, it’s not for everyone. Even if mining Bitcoin isn’t profitable there’s a way you can profit from mining without even mining. Sounds mad? Let me explain. What … Read more

A Quick Guide To Mining Bitcoin

mining bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is quite technical, especially for the layman, Thus A Guide To Mining. It takes research, practice and dedication, but it is also highly rewarding, and if the price of Bitcoin is high enough, Bitcoin mining can also be lucrative. There’s a lot of technical jargon that will be foreign to the layman, so … Read more

Which Mining Pool Should You Join?

mining pool

Gone are the days when a solo miner could win the Bitcoin block reward. Back in January 209 when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, he and the early adopters were mining Bitcoin on their CPUs. But as Bitcoin’s popularity grew so did the mining difficulty. GPUs ousted CPU, and then ASICs Antminers pretty much-ousted GPU for … Read more

Is it safe to buy a used mining GPU

gpu mining

With the cryptocurrency market crashing, many miners are running for the hills and selling their used GPU cards and other mining equipment. But is it safe buying a GPU card that has hashed away twenty-four-seven mining cryptocurrencies? Although crypto miners’ GPUs have been used more than a typical gamers card (in most cases), it doesn’t … Read more

Bitcoin mining Isn’t daunting

Bitcoin mining can seem like a highly complex system to get your head around at times. There are many factors to take in when getting into the industry, and many people are put off by the complexity of it. Some of the terminologies is new to most people, and of course the profitability of mining … Read more