Decentraland profit from virtual real estate

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If you are looking to make money from virtual real estate on Decentraland you have come to the right place. The platform is totally decentralized so once you’ve purchased your plot there are no limits to what you can build on it, be it a fully functioning casino or an amusement park that you can charge visitors … Read more

Decentraland trade virtual land

make money from virtual land

The Decentraland virtual world allows shrewd investors to make money from virtual land. And with virtual land selling for millions of dollars, could virtual real-estate be the next big thing? Virtual Land SimCity, Civilization, Minecraft. Game developers have spent years creating virtual worlds that allow people to build buildings, cities, or colonize entire worlds. But … Read more

Best Virtual Land Blockchain Projects

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Virtual real estate looks set to become the next blockchain gold rush with users purchasing millions of dollars of virtual land across a number of exciting blockchain-powered virtual worlds. The combination of virtual reality and blockchain technology looks set to be the stunning breakthrough that finally revolutionizes the virtual reality sector and sends it mainstream. … Read more

Decentralizied domains with Unstoppable

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Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, and while they do go hand-in-hand, it must be noted that blockchain has many other uses too, like decentralized domains. Decentralized domains are domains built on a decentralized architecture, and the beauty is that it has the security of the blockchain they’re built on. Is There a Need … Read more

Decentraland VR like never before

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The concept of virtual reality is fast catching on with the masses. Virtual Reality has started its journey from the gaming world and is now slowly spreading its wings to a host of allied segments. Now taking this idea of virtual reality to an all-new level, Decentraland provides you with an opportunity to perform a … Read more

Decentraland launches with a bang

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A newly launched game is buzzing in the cryptocurrency sphere , one that allows you to own virtual real estate. Decentraland Ethereum-Based game is among the pioneering virtual reality game using the blockchain and digital ledger technology. The game is based on a rather old idea that has been around for a decade, remember monopoly? … Read more