10 Best Budget Gaming Chairs 2020

gaming chairs

If you spend hours in front of your computer, you’re going to want to invest in a good gaming chair and desk. Gaming chairs offer a lot of advantages over standard office chairs. They were originally designed for racing games and many of today’s gaming chairs feature the same characteristics of their predecessors, This includes … Read more

GPUs essential for computing

GPUs are versatile pieces of computing equipment. They’re necessary for gamers, professional videographers, and of course mining cryptocurrencies. But is mining bad for GPUs? Will mining kill a GPU card? Mining Cryptocurrencies with GPUs Mining Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take some serious knowledge and usually require regular technical updates. Gone are the days when you could … Read more

Top graphic cards to mine crypto

graphic cards

Can graphic cards turn a crypto mining profit? The hype cycles around cryptocurrencies are comparable in their ups and downs to the British weather. This is primarily due to high volatility, which can reduce the entire stash of a potential investor to almost nothing. Those who believe in the growth and prospects of cryptocurrencies are … Read more