The Somnium Space virtual world

Somnium space virtual world

Somnium space is a truly immersive blockchain-powered virtual world full of endless possibilities. The overall goal of the project is to create a decentralized virtual environment controlled by its users. Furthermore, the platform comes with its own virtual economy, meaning users can purchase land, built upon it, and monetize in-game experiences. The Rise of Virtual … Read more

Decentraland profit from virtual real estate

decentraland virtual world

If you are looking to make money from virtual real estate on Decentraland you have come to the right place. The platform is totally decentralized so once you’ve purchased your plot there are no limits to what you can build on it, be it a fully functioning casino or an amusement park that you can charge visitors … Read more

Upland Property Trading Game

Upland property trading game

This review takes a look at the open beta of the new play to earn blockchain-powered property trading game Upland. Within the Upland virtual gaming world, players can profit from buying, selling, and trading properties based on real-world locations. And if trading isn’t your thing, you can choose to monetize your property by running a … Read more

The Sandbox Virtual Gaming World

The Sandbox game. A virtual gaming world

The Sandbox virtual gaming world is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated blockchain gaming projects. First of all, the popularity of games based around building virtual worlds is quite staggering. Currently, the hugely popular Roblox and Minecraft games dominate the genre. And when combined, have more than 170 million active monthly users worldwide. … Read more

Decentraland VR like never before

virtual land

The concept of virtual reality is fast catching on with the masses. Virtual Reality has started its journey from the gaming world and is now slowly spreading its wings to a host of allied segments. Now taking this idea of virtual reality to an all-new level, Decentraland provides you with an opportunity to perform a … Read more